From several hundred different filter materials for the industrial dedusting industry, the following qualities were established over the years. The table shows the most important characteristics in an overview. For these qualities the following additional equipments are available: All filtering mediums are by default thermal-smoothed and calendered.

Further, high-grade steel fibers can be added for permanent deriving from static loadings. Complete impregnations with silicone as anti-adhesive protection against damp and sticky types of dust or with PTFE against chemical attacks can be realized as well. An admixture of fine fiber, purifying fiber or microfiber to achieve highest degrees of separation is also possible, as well as the use of inflammable fibers in order to increase flaming or spark protection.

MaterialFlächengewicht g / m²Temperatur °C Dauer / MaxBeständigkeit Hydrolysegegen SäurenAlkalien
Polyester300-650130 /150434
Polypropylen350-60090 / 100111
TROL (Olefin)350-550125 / 135111
Polyphenylsulfid500-650190 / 200111
Polytetrafluorethylen500-850250 /280111


200 / 220333

1=Sehr gut 2=Gut 3=Mäßig 4=Schlecht

For the separation of mainly liquid particles

from the air baffle filters are constructed with wire mesh cartridges. Besides the rotational separation at lower air flow rates (3nine technology), this form of separation of particles from the air has been proven in industrial use.The range of wire mesh cartridges is very large. By selection of the proper flow rate, the wire diameter and the density of the package an optimal agglomeration and thus a maximum particle separation is achieved.