3nine Technologie

Product overview

If a new technology proves to be more efficient, the old one must give way. This is the reason why the horse carriage was once replaced by the car. Further, this is why the steam engine literally run out of steam once the electric motor was introduced. Now, the cleaning technology of 3nine also causes a radical change on the air cleaning sector. This technology can be used with almost all oil mist or emulsion mist steams. This kind of separation achieves by far the most clean gas values! No other system can be that efficient!


Lina™ has a capacity of 500 m ³ /h and is installed directly onto the respective processing machine. This saves floor space and avoids unnecessary piping transfer. Besides, the machines can be simply moved if the production need changes. Power-input: 0.55 KW


Clara™ is 3nines most frequently sold oil mist separator. With a flow rate of 1000 m ³ /h it is suitable for most processing machines. Clara™ is European wide installed on many different kinds of processing machines at a large number of customers. Clara™ is a typical centrifugal separator and needs only a minimum of maintenance. Power-input: 1.5 KW.


Emma™ is the largest member of the product family of 3nine. The unit is particularly suitable for applications that require high flow rates, for example if processing machines are very large or open… Emma™ has a capacity of 2500 m ³ /h. Moreover, several devices can be connected by 3nines modular system, in order to master flow rates over 2500 m ³ /h as well. Power-input: 5.5 KW.


Petra™ is an advancement of the technology that has been used in former devices of the product family by 3nine. The machine was developed particularly for applications that result in a large number of firm particles. Some examples of such applications are loops, hardening, pressure pouring and treatment of cast irons. Petra™ possesses a capacity of 1000m ³ /h and can be installed directly onto each processing machine.
Power-input: 1.5 KW.