Construction and production of exhaust systems, production of pipes and tube-shaped parts, steel constructions as well as construction and production of special purpose machines. Apart from normal steel, we process aluminum and high-grade steel.


On just under 1000 m² hall surface eight qualified employees ensure technical and punctual success, with individual piece-sizes of up to 25 m and 15 tons single-weight.


Dedusting plants and filter units as well as all associated extra works concerning for example the pipework system, maintenance, start-up, extension of existing systems, steel structure assemblies and general industrial assemblies.

Assembly of a dedusting system


25 years of experience in the exhaust and dedusting engineering allow our customers to expect a competent job execution. We care for you during situation analysis, compile approaches, planning and wemanufacture and install custom-made solutions for your application.


Of course, we have a certified quality-managementsystem (ISO 9001), a certified environmental-managementsystem (ISO 14001) and a certified safety-management-system introduced.